Public Administration Department

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The discipline of Public Administration analyzes the decision-making processes within the administrative system. It analyzes the structure and administration of public organizations at the local and national level and deals with the implementation of the policies made at these levels or at the transnational level. Public Administration discipline helps us to understand and explain the political, social and economic changes taking place at the local, national and international levels. In any field including public sphere one can need the knowledge and qualification achieved in the Public Administration Department.

Istanbul University Faculty of Political Sciences is one of the most important centers in Turkey on its field. Department of Public Administration, subsisting since the establishment of Political Science Faculty, is composed of six divisions: Administrative Sciences, Legal Sciences, Political and Social Sciences, Urbanization and Environmental Issues, Finance and Economics. Within this framework, our students follow an academic program including courses from all of these divisions. Lecturers from other departments of our faculty also teach courses in our department. Courses and teaching methods involved in the department aims to bring students in analytic and critical perspective in addition to fundamental knowledge of the area. Since the academic year 2006-2007, students are enrolled into English preparatory class.

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