International Business Graduate Program / MBA Program

Dear Students,

We have faced with globalization in every area such as sports, politics and business life for many decades. Globalization brings about enormous changes in business processes, life styles, education, entertainment, etc. International collaborations and reciprocal trade opportunities has increased. Not only workforce, capital and goods but also services and business models have started to change.

In changing world, it is difficult to separate international and national companies anymore. It is understood clearly that the requirement for attaining sustainable competitive advantage is adaptation to the change. Harmonization of intellectual capital, process and technology are key elements to be successful.

The purpose of International Business Graduate Program is to improve students that follow the changes and improvements in Turkey and all the world, understand theoretical structure and implementation process, make sense of global competition dynamics, lead at formulating strategies and discuss these concepts in academic platform.

The program aims to teach all concepts by handling theory and practice. Many readings, business workshops and case studies are shared with our students. It is provided to participate some meetings present businessman experiences and company examples.

The aim of MBA program is to teach deeply academic knowledge about supply chain management and provide capability to transform this knowledge to practice business life. In addition to this, all course are organized in evenings for working students.

We invite the people who are interested in international business area.


Kindest Regards

Prof. Dr. Emrah CENGİZ

Business Administration Department Chair

International Business Graduate Program Chair

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Istanbul University Main Campus

34452 Beyazit/Fatih-Istanbul

Tel: 0 (212) 440 00 00