Supply Chain Management Graduate Program / MBA Program

The interest about supply chain management is increasing day by day in our country. The main purpose of Supply Chain Management Graduate Program is to offer students a chance about improving their job expertise and academic viewpoint, to provide a knowledge sharing platform for multidisciplinary students and to increase the deeply research studies about supply chain management.

In recent days, source using and efficiency issues are getting importance in public institutions. The one of important subjects in public institutions is to focus and to get widespread supply chain management. From this aspect, this program considers not only private sector studies but also public ones. It is predicted that this program create new academic study areas and opportunities for university-industry collaborations. It provides to increase efficiency and competitive advantages of every part of supply chain, to minimize the cost and to contribute at the sustainability process.

The difference between this and other similar programs is to focus on only supply chain management. The courses in this program handle the structure, concepts and principals of supply chain management in terms of theoretical and practical perspective.

Supply Chain Management Graduate Program is a multidisciplinary program and composed of several courses. These are Principles of Purchase and Supply Chain, Supply Chain Strategies, Data Analysis and Quantitative Decision Making Techniques, Modeling in Supply Chain Management, Information Technologies in Supply Chain Management, Cost Management, Project Management, Marketing Management, Distribution Chains and Retail Management, Logistics Management and Contract Law.

The course process is 2 terms in graduate program and 3 terms in MBA program. The credit requirement is at least 30 credits. Every course is 3 credits.

The aim of MBA program is to teach deeply academic knowledge about supply chain management and provide capability to transform this knowledge to practice business life. In addition to this, all courses are organized in evenings for working students.

We invited the people interested in supply chain management. We wish that knowledge and attainments from this program will come together with industrial implementations and transform added values.

Prof. Dr. Murat ERDAL

Supply Chain Management Graduate Program Chair


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