Department of Business Administration


As the world becomes more global, fast paced and hypercompetitive, qualified employees and managers are needed more in private and public sectors. The Business Administration Department had founded to satisfy this need. The aim of the business education in our faculty is to make students more update and more capable to assess the world issues. Our education philosophy is to improve the students’ capabilities and skills, to prepare them to the uncertain future, to broaden their cultural background and make them a world citizen by teaching ‘life-long learning’. In this context, our aim is to provide to have them adequate skills to be a successful businessperson not only in domestic business environment, but also in abroad.

The basic business concepts are linked with the country business environment as a broader system. Therefore, it is aimed at making the optimal decisions about the existence of the business regarding this environment’s conditions. Some business areas by expertise are built on by grounding this basic economical rule.

We purpose to improve the students’ job skills and job cultures, which are required for long-term competitive advantage. We use simulation, case studies and projects at teaching in the courses. We also aim to develop their research making abilities by supporting many examples. Our department offers students research opportunities through collaborations with a wide array of institutions in private and public sectors and in non-governmental organizations.


Our alumni can get a job in public and private sectors not only in the country but also in abroad. They can work in industrial, trade or other companies in the private sector. And also they can find a job in several ministries, Capital Markets Institution, The Court of Accounts, The Central Bank, Savings Deposit Insurance Fund, etc in the public sector.