Political Science and International Relations Department

The discipline of international relations becomes even more important nowadays, especially when the phenomenon of globalization makes us feel weight. This effect is due to the fact that new actors outside the states are also engaged, so that international relations are not just relations between states; as well as the international relations that regulate inter-state relations, lead to new fields, which in many places feel directly or indirectly themselves. Therefore, the search for these developments will enable to recognize different approaches towards this increasingly complex structure, as well as the ability to educate individuals who are curious, inquisitive, inquiring, creative, and able to find solutions with a new vision required for the analysis of different dimensions of this structure.

With this program, our students are able to pass on their knowledge of international relations; identifying, collecting, analyzing and interpreting social and political problems; the ability to apply appropriate scientific methods for these purposes; the ability to define a social / political / economic context as an interdisciplinary problematic, to make comparisons and relate them to different fields; attitude, behavior and professional competencies are provided.

To ensure these competencies, our students are required to follow new methods of accessing and producing information; having awareness of the necessity of lifelong learning; having professional, public ethical and social responsibility consciousness; Ability to communicate effectively in Turkish verbal and written; having at least one foreign language knowledge; leadership, persuasion, and multi-faceted analysis, and the capacity to develop and support areas of cooperation with public, private and non-governmental organizations.

The Department tries to build up an accumulation and structure in a wide area such as national, international politics and legal, historical and social relations between them. In addition, since 1999 - 2000 academic year, our department has been trained in English. In addition to the preparatory classes in this framework, our students are supported by language training at the level where they can follow international scientific studies in their field during their faculty training. Our department, which has approximately 500 students, also offers students the opportunity such as Erasmus program, Double Major Program, various scholarship opportunities.

Our work on this field consists of International Relations, Political Science, Political History, and State Law and Politics.