Political Science and Public Administration

The Department of Political Sciences and Public Administration is relevant to the topic of the constituting decision-making and policy-making processes in administrative organization structure of the state that embraces both central government and local administrations by the rational and academical framework. Having considered the accelerating impact of the globalization, this programme focuses on the review the structure of the public institutions and their execution that become gradually crucial at local and national government level as well as policy implementation at supra-national level. In this context, this programme has shaped by intersecting area on the one hand political sciences, law, economy, public finance, on the other hand, environment, place and social relationships. Additionally, Political Sciences and Public Administration as a discipline assists breadth and depth in understanding and informing political, social and economic phenomena and their changes at an international, national and local level in this sense.

Political Sciences and Public Administration programme structure combines with full-time programme education (8 mid-terms) + full-time preparation Class in English (2 mid-terms) totally, programme duration is minimum 5 years formal education with 10 mid-terms. By the way, students must compulsorily take %30 course units from the English courses during their learning process.