Announcement about Midterms

Spring term midterms that cannot be held due to the new Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) will be substituted as “take-home exam” or “project/homework”. The method to be used will be determined by lecturer of the course.

Contribution of midterms to overall score was updated  as 30%.


1-The courses will require project/homework will be announced on the website.

2-Projects/homeworks will be submitted via ÖYS “Homework Submission” module. Project/homework engagements belonging to these courses will be posted on the system between April 24 2020 – May 4 2020 by lecturer.

3- Due date of these projects/homeworks will be determined by lecturer. After due date, the will be closed for submitting projects/homeworks.

Take-Home Exams:

1-Exam dates/hours will be announced on faculty website.

2-Lecturer will post the exam just on the exam time. Duration of an exam will be determined by the lecturer. When time is up, the system will be closed for submissions.

The guides relating to using the ÖYS “Homework Submission” interface are given below. Our students should stay tuned faculty website, university website and AKSİS.

Submission guide

Submission video guide