Take-home Exam Schedule

1. Exam DatesMay 4 2020-May 15 2020.

2. Exam Schedule: The detailed schedule was posted on faculty website with this annotation. The courses will have been held during the exam dates.

3.Subjects/Weeks that students will be responsible for exams: Lecturers will determine and notify students before exams.

4.Exam structures and durations: ÖYS “Homework Module” will be used. Lecturers will post exams just on the exam time and determined the duration. Length of an exam cannot exceed 2 hours.

5. Answering: Submissions will be done via ÖYS “Homework Submission” module. When time is up, there will be no possibility to submit an exam. Submission files might be in .docx, .pdf or .jpeg(picture) formats. A submission file size cannot exceed 10 mb.

You can get detailed information about using the interface via the following links:

Video guide

6.Technical Support: In case of a problem occurs during an exam, students should send a failure report via “AKSİS Technical Support” slot on AKSİS home page; afterwards, they should post and e-mail the lecturer containing the details of the problem occurred.

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